Making hand-made journals

I can make these kinds of journals for anyone who wants them. I'm willing to make them with any kind of cover and inside covers (see under the cut for more pictures) that would be preferred. I have two moomin books from which I scanned pictures from to make them and I can print pictures off for covers but only in black and white (I can scan&copy colour though.) If you have paper for a very specific design you want, I can also do that if you're willing to send the paper in an envelope or something.

The cost of a journal would be 5$ and 2$ shipping within the US. Outside of the US would just depend on what country.
I think they're about 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide.
I think shipping to Europe is 6$.

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Moomins in Icelandic?

I know this is a long-shot, but if anyone happens to own any of the Moomin novels besides Halastjarnan (Coment in Moominland) and Pípuhattur Galdrakarlsins (Finn Family Moomintroll) in Icelandic, not English, I'd really like to buy them off you.

Otherwise, I can easily get Comet in Moominland in Icelandic if anyone is for some reason interested.

I've also posted an ad here.
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(no subject)

Hi, I hope this is okay to post here! :) If not, please feel free to delete.

I have a handful Moomin related items up for sale in my personal sales journal, and thought some members of this community might also have some interest in them! These are all rare Moomin items that come from Japan.

I'm a long time internet seller (you can see some of my feedback here), and I accept payment via Paypal ( Shipping anywhere in America is completely free! I'm also willing to ship overseas (please inquire as to the rates).

If you're interested, please have a look under the cut! :)Collapse )
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(no subject)

Hello, everyone! I've recently become embroiled with the Moomins, and the obsession seems to be growing. However, I seem to be in a bit of a bind- I would really like to buy the Moomin ebooks, but my country isn't authorized to sell them as ebooks. If anyone can give me a solution to this, I would be incredibly, entirely grateful! Thank you all very much!
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Brand new Moomin items for sale 27th-29th of August, straight from the official stores.


Visit the online store and tell me whatever it is that you want to have.

The catch?

I've worked in the valley for a few months, and as the summer is coming to an end, the employees are being offered some lovely treats.

From the 27th of August till the 29th I get 40% off all the shop prices of the items sold in the Moominworld's goods/gifts shop (Arabia mugs and plates excluded).

I'm going to pay my employers a hefty sum of money buying gifts and presents to various people - so, while I'm trying to rob the shop clean, I can try to get my hands on a few items you'd like.

If there's something you'd like, for a 5-10% commission (and possible shipping costs depending on the item) I'll buy it for you if possible. I take PayPal (or money transfer from Finns). Leave a comment and tell me what you'd like (or email me at and we'll discuss! Remember, I must get orders by the 24th! That's in roughly a week!

Remember that I can't promise you anything as there are about 200 other people trying to buy everything they want, too. If I can not, you'll get a full refund, and possibly a card or a key chain or such as an apology. D;

Moomin stuff for sale

Hi everyone!  This is a 'feeler' post, if anyone is interested I will take photos. :)

I have a ton of Moomin stuff I got when I was in Finland a few years ago. However, I'm about to go on a trip to Japan (where no doubt I'll get more Moomin stuff XD) and I'm a poor college student and really need to scrape a bit more money together this week before I go!

So here's what I have...

- A ton of Moomin mugs! Some seasonal ones. Interested, I can tell which ones / take photos!
I HAVE THE WINTER NIGHT 2006 MUG. However, the handle broke off - completely cleanly, no loose pieces. I'm going to repair it with super-glue... on ebay a new one sells for over $100. Since it is broken (but totally fixable) I'd sell it for $50!
I ALSO HAVE THE SUMMER SWIMMING MUG '06-'07 design, in like-new condition! I would sell that one for $80!
The regular ones I'm looking for about $20 each.

- Moomin sheets and pillow cases and a duvet cover - all really cute and in practically new condition, they've only been on my guest bed and are totally clean. :) These aren't kid-sized, they fit adult beds.
- An unopened Moominpapa bubble-blower 'pipe' with his face on it.

Please let me know if you are interested! I'll take offers, or we can talk about prices if mine sound too high. :) I'm in the USA but I'll ship wherever, however you'd like, and I would send it immediately since I leave on the first.

UPDATE: Since people were interested, here's what I have!  Click for pictures and details!Collapse )
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[FOR SALE] "I Love Nature" Moomin Tshirt

Hello! I have for sale a cornflower blue tshirt featuring Moomin, this is official merchandise. Am selling because I need to raise some funds~ It's new without tags. It fits a UK size 8 - 10.

Selling for: £10 GBP
(I can ship worldwide just ask for a shipping quote)

☆ Shipped from the UK ☆
☆ Refunds or trades not accepted ☆
☆ Item goes to whoever can pay me first ☆

Thanks for looking!