autumngirl87 (autumngirl87) wrote in moomins,

Witch of the moominvalley

I was contacted to write a little essay about my moominhouse project:) You can read it here. this great web-site has had a "moominweek" so you can find many different articles about moomins and Tove Jansson. My article is called "Me and the moomins" :) I hope you enjoy it. And thanks Gina for asking me to participate:)

About my moomins. I finally started a project that I've wanted to do a long time, witch of the moominvalley. I don't think that witch and Alice are invented by Tove Jansson herself. I think they were made for the finnish- japanese animationserier. Anyway witch has always been one of my favorite character. So now I'm making her, Alice and their house in the witchforrest

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