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Moomin stuff for sale

Hi everyone!  This is a 'feeler' post, if anyone is interested I will take photos. :)

I have a ton of Moomin stuff I got when I was in Finland a few years ago. However, I'm about to go on a trip to Japan (where no doubt I'll get more Moomin stuff XD) and I'm a poor college student and really need to scrape a bit more money together this week before I go!

So here's what I have...

- A ton of Moomin mugs! Some seasonal ones. Interested, I can tell which ones / take photos!
I HAVE THE WINTER NIGHT 2006 MUG. However, the handle broke off - completely cleanly, no loose pieces. I'm going to repair it with super-glue... on ebay a new one sells for over $100. Since it is broken (but totally fixable) I'd sell it for $50!
I ALSO HAVE THE SUMMER SWIMMING MUG '06-'07 design, in like-new condition! I would sell that one for $80!
The regular ones I'm looking for about $20 each.

- Moomin sheets and pillow cases and a duvet cover - all really cute and in practically new condition, they've only been on my guest bed and are totally clean. :) These aren't kid-sized, they fit adult beds.
- An unopened Moominpapa bubble-blower 'pipe' with his face on it.

Please let me know if you are interested! I'll take offers, or we can talk about prices if mine sound too high. :) I'm in the USA but I'll ship wherever, however you'd like, and I would send it immediately since I leave on the first.

UPDATE: Since people were interested, here's what I have! 

Moomin Duvet Cover & 4 Pillowcases set 

The duvet cover is way too small for a queen, but I'm not sure what they called it originally. I measured it, width is about 58 inches, height is about 80 inches. :) Pillow-cases fit "regular" pillows, not queen (they're slightly more square than American pillow-cases but they fit just fine.) Only been used on an unused guest bed and kept folded in a closet (hence the fold lines, sorry!) I'll run them in the wash before I mail them to freshen them up. :) Basically new!

The duvet cover matches 2 of the pillows, and the other 2 have different images (as seen at the top) on each side.

Two Moomin pillowcases - Moomintroll & Snorkmaiden!

These are adorable. Same condition as the others. They look slightly 'faded' but that is how they looked new, they're supposed to be kind of soft looking. Same size as the pillowcases listed above. One blue, one pink!

Moomin mugs! These aren't photos of mine, but the ones listed here are in like-new condition. I've used them to drink tea a few times. :)

I have these mugs:



Pink Moomintroll & Snorkmaiden:

Limited Summer 2007 Dolphin:

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